Houses of Parliament in London. Sunset by Claude Monet

Houses of Parliament in London. Sunset by Claude Monet

The work of Claude Monet is distinguished by a variety of themes, compositional solutions and images created. The painter has painted the Houses of Parliament in London many times. In this work, dedicated to the creation of “English” landscapes, different originality, dissimilarity. Given that the storyline was the same for this series of works, all the pictures on this subject were original and unique.

An example is the impressionist canvas by Claude Monet “Parliament House in London. Sunset.” The painting was painted in 1904, during the life of Claude Monet in England. At the moment, work can be found in Zurich in the Kunsthaus. The image was created by the artist in the technique of oil painting. “The Parliament building in London. Sunset” is included in a series of works by Claude Monet, devoted to England, its cities, and the peculiarities of being “foggy Albion”.

The sunset image of the Parliament building is filled with a special expression, emotional color, brightness and contrast of light effects. The picture differs special anxious mood. The sensation of beauty of the dying day, a kind of “death” of the day is characteristic. It is a kind of care metaphor, the tragedy of the death of something beautiful. The silhouette of the Parliament building is painted in rich dark blue and black tones. The outlines of the building resemble the sharp teeth of some conditional fence, written with all the severity and seriousness of lines and proportions.

The black and red color of the canvas brings a sense of the separation of the world, the ambivalence of the surrounding. The canvas is not at all like a light, gentle impressionistic sketch. But rather, it is a work of art saturated with meanings and philosophical thoughts. Associations associated with the philosophy of the catastrophe represented by the landscape in fiery black sunset colors are inevitably born. The main pictorial symbol of this canvas is the artist announcing the burning sun, burning with all shades of red.

This sunset sun dominates everything, acting as the compositional center. The reflection of the setting sun in the waters of the Thames doubles, complicates the space of the picture. Smears-flashes with which a red-yellow fireball was painted in the plane of the sky and the water surface painted the entire visible space.

The impressionistic mastery of Claude Monet is embodied in a series of London landscapes in a special way. The artist has shown in his works how transferable reality can be changeable, impermanent, conditional. Many art critics note the fact that Monet’s impressionistic method does not convey objective reality and does not recognize the immutability of the qualities of objects. The art of Monet, like the light in his canvases, twinkles, glides, filling the whole neighborhood with its warmth.

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