Flowers meadows by John White Alexander

Flowers meadows by John White Alexander

“Flowers of the Meadow” – the work of the American John White Alexander. Light, warm, honey. Her story is devoted to the everyday scene from the life of a young woman, fly and warmth. Alexander was a fine portraitist, as clearly illustrated by the presented summer canvas.

Perfected skill and work with nature explains the realistic proportions and color solutions of the heroine. And the arrangement of events leaves no complaints. The holistic picture contained a round table with a linen tablecloth, a lush bouquet of small flowers collected in a meadow, a young lady sitting at a table and a chair with a wide-brimmed hat lying on it. Each element deserves a description. So, it is evident that the headdress is thrown in a hurry on a soft chair, a hat made of straw of the color of the ear.

The handkerchief that encircles the tulle is decorated with a rose-colored rose, apparently alive. The girl’s dress reflects the midday sun with a vanilla yellow light. The abundance of highlights and bright bunnies painted work in a honey-colored sticky color. Even the flowers do not have color. They simply merged with a single shock of whitish strokes. The most intense and contrasting was the chocolate-colored chair and cold shadows on the tablecloth, the brown hair of the heroine. However, bitterly pink paint combined separate pieces – a rose on a hat, the depth of a shadow of a bouquet of flowers, a blush on the cheeks of a girl. Alexander’s palette in the “Flowers of the meadow” is monotonous, there are no contrasting colors in it.

Even the cold stain of the tablecloth in the shade only muffled the daylight, but did not make the canvas frosty. John White animated the planar image with an abundance of light and light penumbraes. A golden haze of curtained curtains refreshed the midday heat in the room. The girl is still hot after the walk and flushed with apple blush. This summer. This is a desirable time for those who are lost in the succession of seasons and urban everyday life. Rural life satiated the young body with joy and cheerfulness, even made it “crawl” behind a bouquet of fresh flowers under the scorching rays. Alexander managed to cheer up the mood of an outside observer and, literally, fall in love with field inflorescences.

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