Still life. Flowers in a vase by Alexander Golovin

Still life. Flowers in a vase by Alexander Golovin

Among the works of many artists you can find a canvas on which a still-life is depicted. It would seem that with such abundance, diversity, it is difficult already to surprise something. But, despite this, the picture of A. Golovin “Flowers in the Vase” seemed to me quite unusual.

The first thing that attracts attention is the riot of colors. On the table with a snow-white tablecloth there is a glass jug with a bouquet of flowers. The jug is used as a vase. It is transparent, so we can observe not only beautiful flowers, but also green stems. The combination of unusual, motley colors is very harmonious.

The composition is composed as if carelessly, not specifically, which gives it a special charm and uniqueness.

Very pleases the colorfulness of the composition. Here are presented simple flowers, which each of us have seen in the garden many times. Many grow phloxes, which the artist painted on this canvas. Here he showed them with all sorts of colors: pink, purple-crimson, white. On the left, we see a tall bush of red gladioli, and a little lower – roses of tender pink color, which stand in a regular glass can. They fit perfectly in the overall composition.

The bouquet turned out very magnificent, simply magnificent. He will become a decoration in the room and will please any person, if you give it. On the right, the artist painted a bright curtain with patterns. It is made in the same color scheme as the bouquet: red-burgundy color, green on a beige background. Blind is very much combined with a bouquet.

On the table we see things from household use. Golovin showed us an elegant wicker basket made of ceramics. I think it’s a breadbasket or candy dish. Also we see a salt shaker, a dark napkin with a brown pattern, a small statuette. The artist painted this composition against the background of a white curtain to make a bouquet a peculiar bright spot. He succeeded. Daylight from the window behind fills the room, bringing with it tenderness, adding a picture of harmony. The author skillfully showed not only a family, home cosiness, but also a magnificent garden bouquet. The composition of flowers once again reminds us of natural beauty.

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