Unattached table by Igor Grabar

Unattached table by Igor Grabar

A prominent art historian, restorer and teacher, Igor Grabar was an artist who was not afraid to learn and experiment. Still Life The “untidy table” was the creative result of the European journey of Grabar, where he became fascinated by the French Impressionists.

With all the variety of colors, the work surprises with the unity of color – it is so virtuoso to combine colors and shades, given only to the greatest master, deeply aware of the nature of color and light. The predominant color is blue, tinted with bright juicy colors of apples, glasses and greens. What unique beauty is possessed by every element of the still life – each object on the table has its texture and volume. Beautiful ripe apples, glasses, in which “plays” wine, shining dishes – all this amazes with shades and sunlight flashing, animating and transforming the usual dining table.

Another noticeable accent, shifted to the right upper corner – a delicate bouquet of flowers, which completes the composition. A very cozy element in Grabar’s work is a wicker chair, it creates a unique feeling of intimacy, privacy, and even family. As if just about lunch people fluttered from the table, scattered on their business.

With this interesting work, the author, as it were, wanted to show us that beauty can also be found in quite ordinary things, such as a homemade dinner, an unfinished glass in the glass of which the sun plays, a bouquet of flowers. The master urges the viewer not to be short-sighted, and learn to notice the beauty in the world around us.

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