Flowers and fruits by Ivan Khrutsky

Flowers and fruits by Ivan Khrutsky

Khrutsky Ivan Trofimovich is a well-known Belarusian artist-painter. Called by many artisans a master of still lifes. Among his many works, special attention to the gamut of colors and saturation attracts the canvas “Flowers and Fruits”. The picture itself is very complicated. There are many large and small elements that intertwine.

In the very center of the picture we see a beautiful vase with a huge bouquet of flowers. Among them there are red and white peonies, bluish toffee, tender daisies and many more large and small flowers. A clay vase of green color is decorated with a relief pattern.

It is very harmonious with the whole composition of the picture. Next to the vase, on the table, are various fruits. To her right is a box of peaches, and into the depths of a grape grape. Just before the box lies one peach broken in half. On the other side of the vase lie pears, several fruits of grapes, a cut lemon and a large watermelon. Behind the watermelon is a hidden elegant carafe with water. Near the vase is a glass, half filled with water. One peony flower bent over the very glass, just like the butt wants to drink.

The color scale of the picture is the most that is not diverse. Starting from the dark and dull colors in the background and turning to bright and colorful in front. All fruits and flowers are filled with such vitality and love that you might think that the author of the masses grew them, tore them up and stacked them for his work. Very accurately painted all the shadows and small details. The largest part of the world falls precisely on a bouquet and, it seems, though it comes from him an incredible fragrance.

His painting, a still-life “Flowers and Fruits”, I. T. Khrutsky shows us how to love and refers to nature. For their efforts we will always be thanked by the grace that is depicted in the picture.

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