The Bride by Marc Chagall

The image of the bride is found more than once in the canvases of Marc Chagall, especially on the eve of the wedding of the painter on Belle Rosenfeld. However,

Walk by Chagall Mark

Marc Chagall is deservedly considered the founder of the avant-garde trend in twentieth-century painting. A special look at simple things and the original way of conveying your thoughts and ideas

Birth by Marc Chagall

This picture is narrative and rich in details. Here one of the main principles of Chagall’s poetics was most clearly manifested: the use of ordinary and reduced details taken from

Cellist by Marc Chagall

One of the bright and capacious paintings of Chagall is “The Cellist.” On it – full of anxiety and creative impulse musician, playing the cello, which is his body. In

Russian Wedding by Marc Chagall

This is one of the first paintings written in Paris from a series of memories of his native Vitebsk. Contrasting catchy colors and spatial dynamism recreate the festive atmosphere of

My wife by Marc Chagall

An unusual picture in the nude genre, full of characters and signs arising at the level of the unconscious, “To my wife” is dedicated to Bella Rosenfeld. By the time

Violinist by Marc Chagall

The picture depicts the inner struggle of man, his troubled state of mind. This is expressed in a number of elements, including color. The picture with the underlined religious and