Calvary (Crucifixion) by Marc Chagall

Calvary (Crucifixion) by Marc Chagall

The writing of this painting by Chagall was inspired by old Russian-Byzantine icons. The original name is “Dedication to Christ”.

The martyr in the sunny nimbus, to whom the artist gave infantish features, embodies the meekness and mercy of the Savior. In the center, under the crucifix, is waiting for Charon. A character running to the right with a ladder – is not it Judas?

Spectral-pure tones indicate the imitation of Delphine’s Orphism. At the same time, this picture clearly shows the proximity to the masters of the Western Renaissance, in particular – to A. Durer. Just as Durer saw the space clear and clear and filled with the same clear objects, so Chagall depicts the action if not conditionally, then guessable. For example, the cross of the crucifixion is not practically drawn, but it is easily guessed and therefore clearly distinguishable.

Phantasmagoria, mysticism and reality are fused in this canvas, written in a neo-primitivistic manner. The faces of people and their figures are hardly recognizable, far from naturalism and perfection.

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