Above the Vitebsk by Marc Chagall

Vitebsk took a special place in the heart of the artist. Here the birthplace of Marc Chagall, with this place he compared the numerous cities where the master lived. Confirmation

Birthday by Marc Chagall

To find an explanation for the fact that in many of Chagall’s works his heroes hover, hanging in the air, no critic sought. This became a peculiar mark of style,

Naked by Marc Chagall

From 1911 to 1914 Mark Chagall lived in Paris, having arrived there with his teacher Lev Bakst and plunged into the French artistic life. His works of that time show

Holy Family by Marc Chagall

This picture – the development of the theme of motherhood and a peculiar variation of the gospel story. In the depiction of evangelical canons, Chagall introduces elements of Jewish interpretation.

Above the city by Marc Chagall

The works of the famous avant-garde artist Marc Chagall are difficult to confuse with the works of other authors, grotesqueness and symbolism singles them out in the paintings of the

Theater by Marc Chagall

Decorations and costumes for dramatic and ballet productions Chagall created at different periods of his artistic life. In the role of theatrical designer, he is known less than as a

Yellow Room by Marc Chagall

The painting got its name from the dominant yellow color, which is complemented by shades of contrasting tones – cherry, blue, pink, white. The viewer’s eyes are presented with the