Blue House by Boris Kustodiev

Blue House by Boris Kustodiev

According to his son, the artist wanted to cover the whole cycle of human life with this picture. Although some connoisseurs of painting claimed that Kustodiev talks about the wretched stagnation of the tradesman, bounded by the walls of the house. But this was not typical for Kustodiev – he loved the simple, peaceful life of ordinary people.

The picture is multi-figured and multivalued. Here is a simple-hearted provincial love duet of a girl sitting in an open window, with a young man leaning on the fence, and if you turn your gaze a little to the right, you see a continuation of this novel in a woman with a child.

Looking to the left is a picturesque group in front of you: a policeman peacefully plays checkers with a bearded man in the street, someone naive and beautiful-minded is speaking around them – wearing a hat and poor but tidy clothes, and listening gloomily to his speech, looking up from the newspaper, sitting near his institution coffin master

And above, as a result of all life – a peaceful tea-drinking with those who went hand in hand with you all the life joys and hardships.

And the mighty poplar, adjacent to the house and as if blessing it with its thick foliage, is not just a landscape detail, but almost the unique double of human existence – the tree of life with its various branches.

And everything leaves, the viewer’s gaze goes upwards, towards the boy lit up by the sun, and towards the pigeons soaring in the sky.

No, this picture is absolutely not similar to the arrogant or even a little indulgent, but still an accusatory verdict to the inhabitants of the “blue house”!

Full of the inescapable love of life, the artist, in the words of the poet, blesses “every field in the field and every star in the sky” and affirms the intimacy, connection of “bylinok” and “stars”, of everyday prose and poetry.

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