Wave by Ivan Aivazovsky

At the end of his life Aivazovsky was absorbed in the idea of creating a synthetic image of the sea element. In the last decade he has written a number

Black Sea by Ivan Aivazovsky

The painting by IK Aivazovsky “Black Sea” has some mysterious attraction. It forces the viewer not only to watch the unruly water element, but also to feel all the riot

The sea by Ivan Aivazovsky

The sea, is it a friend or an opponent? Looking at the painting by IK Aivazovsky “The Sea”, you involuntarily ask yourself this question. I have often seen the sea

Sea shore by Ivan Aivazovsky

The painting “Seashore” is one of the first masterpieces of the great Master. It was written in 1840, when young Aivazovsky was sent to the Crimea for independent work. Still