The sea by Ivan Aivazovsky

The sea by Ivan Aivazovsky

The sea, is it a friend or an opponent? Looking at the painting by IK Aivazovsky “The Sea”, you involuntarily ask yourself this question. I have often seen the sea calm, surrounded by calm calm, watching and roaring, boiling storm. All this excited my imagination and strengthened the sense of superiority of the elements over the little human. Did the artist want to depict what does not know anybody equal in power? Or did he, calling to reverence, show that the sea is different? Or maybe the idea was to show that people and the sea are ready to cooperate fruitfully?

People are small in front of him, but they are also ready to become insignificant. Below the rocks, less than the sky, reflect the luminaries of night and day, carry their ships on the water wings. It’s amazing, but the word “set” is synonymous with the word “sea” in Russian. In this way, people recognize the power of the sea, at a time when it itself lies below ground level. This is the difference I saw in Aivazovsky’s painting. The raging sea, it seems, now pounce on the huge rocks, and will wash them off forever. But people who sit on the shore, it will not touch, as it does not try to reach them with its incoming wave.

Do not damage the sea and the ship, moored at the shore. It boat tilts, throws from side to side, is played to them, as a little child plays. But do not hurt, do not throw about the rocks. And this guarantee is the moon that appeared because of the clouds. She watches motherfucker’s pranks as a mother. With his light, he paved the boundaries of the pampering of the sea depths. And although the picture is not written in bright and juicy tones, for me it does not seem terrible or alarming. I, like those people who are waiting for something on the shore, are ready to look and look at the sea, internally enriched with joy and ecstasy.

As a person changes in mood, so the sea lives and shows its emotions. It’s kind, like a cat purrs. The way the tiger is furious! It is ready to find a “booty” for itself, to torment, and to receive incredible pleasure from the power that it possesses, which it manages, and that causes fear. But apart from trembling, it also breathes awe!

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