Winter evening by Jacob van Ruysdal

Winter evening by Jacob van Ruysdal

Painting by Dutch artist Jacob van Ruysdael “Winter Evening”. The size of the painting is 66 x 97 cm, oil on canvas. In the study of the Dutch Baroque painting historian Wolfgang Stekhov, Raisdal’s work is not presented only in the chapters that speak of “Italianized”, “foreign” and nightly landscapes.

Actually, to be precise, Reisdal painted several night and late evening scenes, as well as several paintings on the memories of his travels with Nicolaes Berkem in the early 1650s through the lands of Northern Germany, therefore only “Italianized” landscapes

were not mastered by the painter.

The plot variety of pictures is far from the only merit that Reisdal could rightly claim. The paintings of the painter Jacob van Ruysdael stand out against the general background of the numerous landscape works of Dutch masters of the mid-17th century with sincerity and emotionality.

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