Waterfall in the forest by Jacob van Ruisdal

Waterfall in the forest by Jacob van Ruisdal

Painting by the Dutch painter Jacob van Ruysdael “Waterfall in the Forest”. The size of the painting is 69 x 53 cm, oil on canvas. Craftsmanship is inherent in even the earliest paintings of Ruysdael. More than a dozen paintings, painted by the artist from 1646 to 1648, amaze with excellent taste, originality of manner and unusual depth of thought at such a young age.

Also magnificent are the paintings painted during and after traveling in the early 50s through the oak forests and groves of Germany, as well as later paintings with waterfalls in Norway. The undoubted talent of the young Reisdal was reflected in the fact that none of his early paintings was any worse than the work of his uncle Salomon van Reisdael, who was considered in those years to be one of the leading Dutch landscape masters.

The pinnacle of Salomon van Ruysdael came in a special period of time in the history of Dutch landscape painting of the 17th century, when painters first of all sought to capture all the shades and instantaneous states of the air environment.

Reisdal Sr. wrote calm river scenes, preferring dark and muted brown, yellow and green tones. Jacob Reisdal belonged to the classical landscape school and loved to portray for the most part bright sunshine, all the wealth and the play of colors of nature.

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