Breakwater by Jacob van Ruysdal

Breakwater by Jacob van Ruysdal

Painting by the Dutch artist Jacob van Ruysdael “Breakwater”. The size of the painting is 110 x 160 cm, oil on canvas. The classic Dutch landscape, as well as the marina, is notable for its richness of color and sufficient detail.

Not trying to accurately grasp all the shades of the atmosphere and lighting, the landscape painters of this school paid the most attention to the “vital details”. In the paintings of Dutch masters there are always houses, ruins, bridges, figures of people and animals.

In the works devoted to the marine theme, most of the painters depicted part of the coast with houses and moorings or a coastal breakwater during a storm, a violent storm or a light breeze.

All these abound as the paintings of the Ruysdael, but it should be noted that each figure in the paintings of the Ruysdael has a personality, and this distinguishes his paintings from the creative work of painters, contemporaries of Ruysdael, depicting small details rather arbitrarily.

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