Waterfall by Jacob van Ruisdal

Waterfall by Jacob van Ruisdal

Painting by the Dutch painter Jacob van Ruysdael “Waterfall”. The size of the painting is 100 x 87 cm, oil on canvas. It is believed that Reisdal wrote imaginary mountain forest landscapes with turbulent waterfalls. It is believed that Reisdal did not happen in the highlands, where there are waterfalls, and wrote them, drawing on the famous paintings of his friend Alart van Everdingen, who visited the Scandinavian countries.

Usually Dutch landscape painters in their youth mastered several plots and exploited them all their lives, copying their own works and creating many variations of their early successful paintings.

Creativity Reisdal, rather, was the exception, which, alas, only confirmed the general rule of the embodiment of “companionship” and duplication of subjects in the art of Dutch landscape painting. In the mid-60s of the twentieth century, a fundamental study of the historian of the European Baroque era, Wolfgang Stekhov, “The Dutch Landscape of the 17th Century” appeared.

In this scientific work, the name of Jacob van Ruisdael appears in ten of the thirteen categories, which are thoroughly analyzed by the researcher. Detailed descriptions and references to the painter’s works can be found in the chapters on dunes, country roads, fields, panoramas, canals, rivers, waterfalls, forests, winter, river, coastal and seascapes, urban and imaginary views, German and Norwegian landscapes.

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