View of Haarlem by Jacob van Ruysdal

View of Haarlem by Jacob van Ruysdal

Painting by Dutch painter Jacob van Ruysdael “View of Harlem”. Painting size 36 x 45 cm, oil on canvas. Around 1655, Reisdal relocated to Amsterdam. With this move coincided with a new change in the style of the master, the artist’s painting has become more luxurious and majestic.

Actually, the manner of writing by Jacob van Ruysdal in small strokes characterizes the variety of forms seen in the landscape motif and, at the same time, their emotional experience, figurative perception by the artist.

Probably, in the new style of painting of Reisdal, there was also a fraction of the desire to please the connoisseurs of painting in the capital, the possible future customers of his paintings. In addition, during this period, the famous “Reydalovskiy sky”, covered with clouds, becomes the “protagonist” of the artist’s landscapes. However, the celestial spheres did not distract Reisdal’s attention from the details.

The works of the painter, such as “Windmill in Wake”, “Wheat Fields”, as well as his numerous views of the city of Haarlem with the image of the plain of the Dutch countryside, became better and better.

The horizon in the views of Haarlem is invariably low and distant, most of the picture is dominated by a vast sky clouded by clouds. The artist depicted a landscape with meticulous topographical accuracy, while working on his paintings, he always tried to build on very specific observations.

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