Vase with twelve sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

Vase with twelve sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

The painting “Vase with twelve sunflowers” was written by Vincent Van Gogh in 1889, a year before his death. Even then he suffered from an incurable mental illness. The canvas is filled with light and joy. Many critics and connoisseurs believe that the picture is made in a very bright color, in the yellow color that the artist loved so much. He used yellow color in almost all of his works, too active use of this color is a sign of a violation of the artist’s psyche.

The picture is made so that everything seems blurry and not clear, all the objects are placed chaotically and carelessly. The artist sometimes told that some of his paintings were not invented by him, he assured that these ideas presented him with a voice in his head. He believed that the plots of these his paintings do not relate to our reality, he painted them only to somehow stop voicing the voices in his head, give them what they asked for.

Sunflowers in the picture resemble snakes, who carefully look at the viewer and try to drag it into their strange world. When viewing this picture, there is often a desire to fix flowers in a vase, to compose a beautiful composition in a vessel. On the one hand, the plot of the picture is painfully boring and simple, and on the other – it has a lot of emotions, the picture is as if alive, its bright color affects the mood of a person, getting into his mind, catching bad thoughts, makes you nervous.

“Sunflowers” – a rather strange period in the artist’s work, filled with strange and sometimes frightening images of sunflowers. Paintings of this period, Van Gogh created, using the technique of impasto, often instead of paint brushes he applied using an ordinary small knife. Due to this the picture does not look flat, all of its strokes stick out above the surface, which, of course, encourages viewers to view the canvas closer. The plot of the picture in such cases acquires the features of the real.

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