Vase With Red Poppies by Vincent Van Gogh

Vase With Red Poppies by Vincent Van Gogh

This is one of the many still lifes, painted by Van Gogh in Paris. After moving to the French capital, the artist met with the new trends of art and begins to get rid of the learned opinions before. Drawing a still life, he still uses a distinctive dark range for it, but the color becomes much brighter, clearer and richer.

In this painting, the artist has depicted a vase with a lush bouquet of large red poppies. Vase looks thin and fragile flowers hanging over her cap volume, occupying the entire upper part of the composition. Bouquet is so big, that does not seem to fit into the frame of the canvas. The artist fills petals solid stained crimson

paint to focus on their brightness.

I used bright contrasting combination of saturated pure colors. On a blue background with red poppies stand out head. Smears, who wrote the background, the author puts circles around the bouquet, which allows the viewer to focus attention on it. Vase white lights on the background of motley mix of colors with a background illuminated by bright light.

Delicate pale green buds is repeated in figure vases. A few green leaves lie on the table of saturated red-brown color. Bright colors different picture stunning harmony and gives the painting an optimistic and cheerful nature of the work.

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