Vase with red poppies by Vincent Van Gogh

Vase with red poppies by Vincent Van Gogh

This is one of the many still lifes written by Van Gogh in Paris. Having moved to the capital of France, the artist gets acquainted with the new art trends and begins to get rid of the previously acquired views. Drawing still lifes, he still uses the dark scale typical for him, but the color becomes much brighter, cleaner and more saturated.

In this picture, the artist painted a vase with a lush bouquet of large red poppies. The vase looks thin and fragile, the flowers hang over it with a voluminous cap, occupying the entire upper part of the composition. The bouquet is so large that it does not seem to fit

into the canvas. The artist pours the petals with solid spots of scarlet paint to focus attention on their brightness.

The author used a bright contrast combination of saturated pure colors. On the blue background red heads of poppies stand out. The smears, which the background is written, the author puts in circles around the bouquet, which allows to concentrate the viewer’s attention on it. The vase glows white against the backdrop of a variegated combination of colors with a background illuminated by bright light.

The delicate light green color of the buds is repeated in the vase pattern. A few green leaves lie on the table top of a rich red-brown color. The bright color scheme of the painting is remarkable for its harmoniousness and gives the picture the character of an optimistic and cheerful work.

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