Vase with lilacs, daisies and anemones by Vincent Van Gogh

Vase with lilacs, daisies and anemones by Vincent Van Gogh

This is one of the many still lifes written by Van Gogh in Paris. Fascinated by the ideas of impressionism, he begins to perceive in a new way nature and everything that surrounds him. Means of expression of these emotions are new pure colors, contrasting combinations of bright colors. This approach is characterized by all the works written by the artist during this period, and especially this applies to still lifes.

In this painting, the artist captured a bouquet of flowers on a blue background. The composition of the still life is simple: on the surface of the table there is a ceramic blue vase with flowers.

The viewer’s attention is focused on a lush bouquet consisting of lilac, chamomile and several anemones. The artist uses small pasty smears to convey the texture of a fresh beautiful bouquet consisting of an infinite number of small inflorescences of lilacs, juicy yellow camomiles and a lush mass of green leaves.

The color scheme is based on contrasting combinations of blue and yellow, complemented by a white mass of lilac flowers and two different anemones in color. Contrasts lead to an increase in natural shades, but are not sharp. On the contrary, the picture is executed with great tenderness and love. It expressed admiration for the author of flowers, which were always considered the embodiment of spring.

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