Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

The famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh postimpressionist was born in 1853. His directions were: landscape, still life and portrait. However, he managed extremely well still lifes, some of which were “Sunflowers”, written in the years 1887-1889. They are now located in the London National Gallery and other museums.

The artist performed several series of paintings. The first series was performed in Paris, the second in Arles. It is the most famous works of Vincent van Gogh, which brought him success. For the artist, sunflowers were of particular significance. He considered them a symbol of gratitude, respect and gratitude.

The paintings are made in yellow and orange tones, sometimes with red tones. Master applied at the painting impasto technique, that is, applying a thick layer of paint on the canvas, not just using a brush, and using a knife. The rough surface tells us about the long-simmering feelings of the creator, of the surge of his emotions rose to the canvas. Canvas simply burning with color and full of life. The yellow color symbolizes life, joy, vitality, freedom. Yellow – is the need for disclosure, which was done through the artist paintings writing.

Bright sunflowers color attracts us and lures into the mysterious world of illusions. Looking at the picture, I want to go out in the field with sunflowers and just wander, think about life, about the problems that surround us, and find a way to solve them, to find peace and happiness. Looking closely to the web, you will notice that sunflowers painted by the artist, similar to humans. Red head in the middle of the flower – it is people’s heads, bright yellow petals – a hair stem symbolizes the body. Sunflowers are in rough clay pots tend to heaven and want to escape, as if they are in the land, have not watered or fertilized. However, a clear picture of sunflowers is not observed, due to the applied technology.

Vincent van Gogh wanted to pass on to their web that despite all the problems and troubles, it is necessary to live and rejoice in the fact that life is given to you that you must live it so that therefore nothing to regret, because it is given once. In life there is not only bitterness and sadness, but also joy, just need to be able to find it in everything around us. Everyone – this is a piece of the world, regardless of anything, but if every individual finds a piece of joy and happiness, join, the world will find peace and bright colors. Live word you sunflowers. It is necessary to reach, as well as the flowers, to the sky, to the highest, to strive for the best, to freedom. Color, grow and emit only joy!

The “Sunflowers” little mixed colors. Paints pristine as if squeezed directly from the tube and imposed long brush strokes.

Van Gogh revealed here exclusively with the help of color. This is not the artist who in the Paris period applies divizionist techniques. This is not the beginning of Van Gogh arleziysk period when he tried to display a view of the water surface near the Langlois Bridge. The “Sunflowers” bouquet blooming and fading of colors obtained directly by means of movement and colors, accentuated with small fragments of green and blue. Convexity vase gives a rough brown line under it – the artist’s signature.

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