The Red Studio by Henry Matisse

The Red Studio by Henry Matisse

French Fauvism Henri Matisse in 1908, wrote another painting commissioned by Sergei Shchukin.

Fauvism as a new artistic direction there long, but I managed to manifest itself clearly enough in the canvases of painters. This style of execution of the image mixing a few ingredients and gave rise to intense avant-garde painting. To understand the fauvism, just look at the “Red Room” by Matisse.

The expression and transmission of its internal state artist chosen color. As you know by name the picture, the main color on it – red. And the tablecloth, and the walls are made in the same color scheme. Moreover, even the ornament

on these surfaces is the same – dark blue oriental floral patterns. Greens outside the window did not extinguish strikingly bright shade of scarlet cloth. Small white flowers and blossoming tree branches bring harmony and tranquility in this stunning color picture.

The spatial construction of different primitiveness. In the picture there is a hint of depth and dimensionality. Flat painted figure of a woman and the trees outside the window are combined with chairs, tables, crockery and a one-story house in the distance, the image with the perspective.

Fauvism set himself the task to show the rapturous joy of seeing life. And Matisse in the “Red Room” was able to realize this idea is the best.

Decorative painting, energetic, optimistic.

Sudden changes in the color, the elements of ancient art and primitivism perfectly combine and create a concentrated picture of the original talent of French master. Blossoms interior amazing palette of fruits and drinks on the table name to enjoy the gifts of life.

At first work was called “Harmony in Blue”, but the artist subsequently transformed paint on canvas to obtain a favorite with many a masterpiece.

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