Red Harmony (Dessert) by Henri Matisse

Red Harmony (Dessert) by Henri Matisse

One of the most vivid, even dazzling paintings by Matisse is the “Red Room”. It depicts the interior of a room in which a woman lays the table. The compositional structure is completely filled with a whirlwind of pure color that fills the entire surface of the canvas, even the tablecloth on the table merges with the walls. All furnishings are deliberately written flat. Simplification of the form only underlines the way of expressing the ideas of the master, an amazing play of colors and an underlined ornament of forms create the mood of this work.

Matisse spends three years in the East. At this

time in him, the craving for the image of non-objective beauty is becoming stronger and stronger. Abstraction in his work is a reflection of absolute detachment from the bustle of the real world.

From the point of view of the master, this is the view of the world of a Moroccan or Arab. Matisse, focused on aloof beauty, uses the techniques of primitivizing nature and “providing” the main color of the main task of impact to the pure color, the latter being especially good for the master. A palette of 3-4 basic colors draws all the images. So, “Dance” is written in blue, green and red, “On the terrace” – purple, pink, blue and green. The limited color range nevertheless awakened and awakens a whole stream of sensations in the audience, leaving no one indifferent.

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