Music by Henri Matisse

Music by Henri Matisse

A work resembling children’s drawing shows five people of uncertain age. One of them plays the violin, the other, sitting side by side, on some kind of wind instrument, the other three sat down at the side of the players.

The sky in the picture is rich blue, the trees are bright green, the bodies of people are red. The solution of the picture is typical for Matisse: with the help of the contrast of the planes of pure colors of considerable size and volume, new “notes” are born, replacing the whole range of colors. The color itself, by and large, is the direct plot of the work.

Interestingly, Matisse himself considered portraits his vocation. The real similarity did not have any meaning for the master: the image of a person was transmitted through the internal rhythm felt by the artist, who, undoubtedly, is very individual.

In different periods of creativity, Matisse used the techniques of cubism, he again returned to Fauvism, classical graphics, applications made from colored paper, and bronze sculpture. The leading artistic principle in his works has always been the unique expressiveness created by the decorative arrangement of certain objects, carrying the task of conveying a particular mood of the master, feeling through color, concentrated on the canvas. All this gives the creativity of Matisse originality and recognizability.

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