Blue Window by Henri Matisse

The picture is filled with a mysterious moonlit night – a table by the window belonging to a woman, as indicated by the decorations on the table; perfume bottles, flowers…

Boat by Henri Matisse

Matisse portrayed the boat under sail and the reflection that can be seen in the water. At first, no one could understand what is depicted here. It came to a

Algerian woman by Henri Matisse

The “Eastern” footprint in the works of Matisse is unusually bright. Impressed by the trip to the same Algeria, completed in 1906, the artist became interested in linear ornaments of

Red fishes by Henri Matisse

The painting “Red fishes” is located at the junction of two stylistic trends – impressionism and fauvism. Moreover, if you align the canvas to the first, then it’s rather Gogonian

Family Portrait by Henri Matisse

Here, the artist depicted his family in a relaxed home environment – on the sofa behind his favorite needlework embroidery sitting wife Amelie. With a book in her hand, Marg├Ęte’s