University Lights by Yuri Pimenov

University Lights by Yuri Pimenov

Pimenov Yuri Ivanovich is one of the most famous artists of the Soviet Union. He devoted many of his paintings to Moscow species. My favorite and even suitable for the subject is the painting “University Lights”.

In the foreground we see a schoolgirl girl sitting at a table. She sits back to us. On the table there is a lamp, there are books and notebooks. From the room we see only a large window and a piece of wall. It contains portraits of family members and paintings. On the windowsill grow indoor plants. Most attention is attracted by the view from the window. The whole city is illuminated by night light.

Road lights, light from windows and lamps. But the gaze of the girl is focused on a tall luminous building. This is the University on the Lenin Hills. It is realistic that this is what a schoolgirl is dreaming about right now. As she graduates with honors from school, she passes the entrance exams and now begins adult life at the university.

Perhaps it is for the fulfillment of these desires that she studies so hard, although it is already dark in the street. The girl still has not taken off her school uniform and has not unrolled the braids that her mother has braided. She is committed to fulfilling her dream and this is wonderful.

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