In the winter by Konstantin Korovin

In the winter by Konstantin Korovin

During a short period from 1894 to 1895, Korovin created a whole series of paintings dedicated to the winter landscapes of the north and central Russia. “Winter” – one of these works, exhibited today in the Tretyakov Gallery.

The color tone of the painting is modest, however, each color of Korovin is obtained by some kind of voluminous and rich – so filigree was the invoice of the painter. The composition is arranged diagonally.

In the center of the plot – an ordinary peasant hut, covered with white snow. Everything around literally breathes a measured rural life –

a sagging fence, a snow-covered yard, a horse, ready to guide its owners somewhere. In the distance a barely discernible strip of forest, echoing with slender bare birches in the foreground. The author also managed to portray a barely perceptible haze of fresh frosty air that obscures the entire unpretentious landscape.

In the foreground we see a dark, submissive horse harnessed to a sleigh. The village horse calmly stands in the courtyard, usually waiting for its owner, who is about to appear from the hut.

The digital image is not able to convey another unique reception of Korovin along with the elusive haze of frosty air – it is the pearlescent glow of whiteness on the canvas, resulting from the mixing of gray and white in their various warm and cold tones.

Modern art historians notice that you should not underestimate this unpretentious winter plot of the picture of Korovin. Firstly, its performance is beyond praise, and secondly, this picture along with other “Korovin” canvases has become the starting point for many illustrious future landscapists, such as Levitan and Serov.

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