Self-portrait by Angelika Kaufman

Self portrait by Angelika Kaufman

Self-portrait of the Swiss artist Angelika Kaufman. The size of the portrait is 74 x 61 cm, canvas, oil. Kaufman Angelica is a Swiss artist, a master of early neoclassical style. She studied painting with her father, mediocre artist II Kaufman.

Angelika Kaufman from the early childhood showed great talent, showed versatile talents in drawing and music, by the age of twelve she had written quite good pictures, working in different cities of Italy.

Arriving in London in 1766, Angelika Kaufman acquired the favor of the royal court and respect among aristocrats and wrote there a considerable number of

paintings and portraits for which, in 1769, the newly established London Royal Academy of Arts accepted it as its member.

Actually, Angelika Kaufman was among the founders of this Academy of Arts, participated in the painting of St. Paul’s Cathedral. In 1769, Angelika Kaufman married a valet wretch who pretended to be a Swedish Earl of Horn and substituted for her in marriage with the vengeance of the lover-worshiper she had rejected; but only the deception was opened, this unhappy marriage was terminated, which, however, cost the artist Angelika Kaufman 300 pounds sterling and shaken her position in London society.

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