March by Isaac Levitan

March by Isaac Levitan

The picture of this artist painted spring, and judging by the name of the work, the spring is early. Also on the canvas depicts a horse, which is harnessed to a sleigh, snowdrifts have not yet begun to thaw and the road is dirty, there are not even hints of greenery on the trees. It seems that winter is not going to retreat, but in my heart it is already joyful and fresh.

Looking at this picture, everything round off, the image begins to come to life. It seems that the horse stands in one place and shuffles with its hooves, a light wind, slightly swaying the branches of the trees. I even heard for a moment how melted snow dripped from the roof, and there was still a crunch of snow under my feet. If you close your eyes and feel the atmosphere of the picture, you can barely catch the smell of coniferous trees from the forest, the smell of a horse and the village.

This work, as it conveys to us the moment of waiting, and we think out the picture ourselves. It seemed to me that the horse was waiting for its owner, the starlings would soon arrive at the nesting box, and the most important and joyful is the expectation of a warm and sunny spring. It seems that the sun will appear and everything will melt in an instant. Still, it seemed to me that the picture lacks an image of a man, although his presence is palpable and can be seen from the open door, left, pulled by a horse and shutters removed.

The snow is depicted in the picture in white mainly, but some places are still darker in order to convey that the snow is melting. The cloudless sky tells us that soon the snow will melt, and the dirt will dry, and it will be warm and light. There is a lot of yellow color, probably the artist tried to convey sunlight to us in this color, although the sun itself is not shown in the picture, we see that its rays are shown in yellow. I really liked the picture of this author. She conveys the mood of the artist and creates in the thoughts of every beholder, his picture.

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