Russian Winter. Ligachevo by Konstantin Yuon

Russian Winter. Ligachevo by Konstantin Yuon

This artist was recognized as one of the best landscapes of our country. His paintings show us not only his love of nature, but also create an image of the homeland. In his autobiography, the artist mentioned that he creates pictures in order to convey to his viewer the extraordinary and unique sound of Russian nature. He is looking for solemn notes, which should evoke feelings of the people to their native land and everything that surrounds it. This painting was painted by the artist in several stages, and this work was written according to the spirit of the soul, relying on memories and sketches, of which many

were created.

We see that the picture depicts trees in the snow, houses children, sleigh rides, and local residents walking their dogs. Everything at first sight seems to us ordinary and even ordinary. It seemed that we see such landscapes every day, but there is something unusual in this picture. It seemed to me unusual winter. Each time winter surprises us with something new, unexplored. She opens the door to another world, and offers us completely different fun, different from other seasons. Looking at the picture, I seemed to feel the frosty air, I really wanted to be there and feel all the ordinary nature of that landscape. In my opinion, the picture combines both majesty and everyday life. The mood at a sight of this picture by all means rises.

Winter is one of my favorite times of the year, and I love it not only for its fun. I like it, on a frosty winter night, drinking tea at the window, reading books and admiring the patterns on the glass. I also like to catch snowflakes and look at them. There is nothing purer and more beautiful than the winter snow dress, which spoils us this time of year. There is never such cleanliness as in the winter season.

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