The Blue Spring by Vasily Baksheev

The Blue Spring by Vasily Baksheev

Baksheev expressed his attitude towards nature with great penetration. He wrote: “When you wander among nature, you see in the field, in the forest, in the clouds movement, everything breathes, everything lives, and how clear, just this phenomenon of life!” How much bliss, happiness to see in summer, as the sun floods its fields, forests, water and the sky! The smell of the earth, the scent of the forest – what a charm! There is a passionate desire to convey this on canvas.

To convey the manifestation of life, its trembling. This is where we have to experience a number of fascinations and disappointments. It’s hard, oh how hard it is to convey what you see and what you feel. But what a great pleasure the artist experiences when he manages to give a piece of real life on the canvas. “Baksheev’s words reveal well the originality of his art – the artist’s delight in the face of nature and at the same time a special, careful attitude towards it. clarity and purity of feeling, they conquer with their deeply emotional content, these features were fully manifested in one of Baksheev’s best paintings “Blue Spring.” This picture is a deeply felt story about the eternally young nature.

Perfectly transmitted here is the clear blue of the heavens, glancing through the fragile, still green branches, the tender pinkish trunks of the birches, the earth awakening to life, warmed by the first warm rays. The artistic image of this delicate, picturesque work radiates peace. At the same time, there is a lot of vivacity, freshness, evidence of the bright, cheerful soul of the artist. Baksheev does not strive to impress the viewer with the decorative brightness of the color or unusual, effective composition.

Space quietly goes deep into the picture, which informs the composition of balance and proportionality. Groups of trees of the first plan as if do not allow the viewer to go deep into the birch grove, delaying his attention, offering to admire the whiteness of the trunks, their whimsical, lively and quivering figure. Coloring the picture enhances the general mood of peace, clarity and enlightenment. The combination of elusive shades of blue, pink, pale, golden tones gives rise to a feeling of purity and freshness of nature awakened after a long sleep.

With unmatched skill combines Baksheev yellowness of last year’s foliage, pinkish haze that enveloped the distant forest, the clear blue of the sky and pure white trees. These four primary colors, the data is not local, but with an innumerable number of tonal transitions, create a sonorous and yet subtle and harmonious colorful chord. In the film “Blue Spring” Baksheev acts as a true continuer of the classical tradition of the Russian realistic landscape, represented by such artists as Levitan, Savrasov or Ostrouhoe. But there is something new in this work, which testifies that its author is a painter of our Soviet era. This new is expressed in the joyful acceptance of life, in a bright glance at the surrounding.

The picture Baksheeva full of hope. The artist, as it were, affirms his faith in life, in the inexhaustible life-giving forces of nature, in man. Yes, in man! Although he is not in the picture, but the feelings and moods that she expresses are full of humanity, of genuine humanity. The birch grove, depicted by Baksheyev at the most beautiful time, in the days of spring, as if calling the viewer to wander among the trees, to enjoy the fresh smells of the earth, to set his face to the gentle sunbeams. In this proximity to man, the great dignity of Baksheyev’s painting, the true poet of Russian nature, is a great asset.

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