Morning by Tatyana Yablonskaya

Morning by Tatyana Yablonskaya

It’s nice to wake up on a warm, sunny morning and open the window. That’s exactly what the heroine of TN Yablonskaya’s “Morning” did. The girl flung open the balcony door, letting in the room fresh air and morning coolness. A young athlete makes gymnastics, her movements are smooth and graceful. She is wearing black shorts and a white T-shirt. Judging by the still not tucked bed, the girl has just woken up and is preparing for a new day.

The walls of the room are painted in a discreet yellow color. On the wall between the balcony and the window there is a flower pot. The flower in it has grown so much that it forms an arch over the window and the balcony door. Greenery adds a room of comfort and comfort. Here, under the pots, there is a decorative plate, painted in Gzhel technique. Near the open balcony is a chair, in his seat is a school uniform, and on the back hangs a pioneer tie and ribbons for braids. Now the girl will finish charging and put on a beautiful shape, braid her long dark hair in luxurious braids, tie them with pink ribbons, have breakfast and go to school.

Just on the table, covered with a striped blue tablecloth is a ready-made breakfast. Probably he was brought by a caring mother. Here, fresh bread on a plate, a jug of water, a small cup and butter. Such a breakfast will give strength for the whole day and help to concentrate on lessons to gain new knowledge. Judging by how neatly things are stacked and with what pleasure the girl does gymnastics, she is an excellent student at school.

Purely washed, shiny parquet indicates that the mistress of the room loves cleanliness and order. The picture shows how a new day of a certain person is born. The girl is full of energy and desire to learn and learn something new. Most likely, at the same time, thousands of students are also doing exercises and going to school. There is something fresh, alive and real in this.

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