Lady and two gentlemen by Jan Vermeer

Lady and two gentlemen by Jan Vermeer

Vermeer liked to depict different scenes in the same room, with the same attributes, and also invited the same people for nature.

And now the action takes place in the same zucchini, where the gentleman treated the lady to wine. And this picture is similar in the plot. The same window with stained glass, the same chess floor, the same wall, although instead of a mirror on the wall a picture. And in the center on the chair again a girl, but another, dressed in a red satin dress. Before her, the young man bent with a smile of admiration for the beauty of the girl. He also treats her with wine, having already

put the glass in his hand, and that she does not leave him, holds her hand.

Chevalier persistently persuades the girl to drink, and she with a smile of embarrassment turned her face, clearly flattered by his words and attention. And it seems that her embarrassment is somewhat deliberate. And in the corner at the table there is a second man, leaning his cheek on his hand. Before him is a familiar white jug of wine. He obviously misses, he has seen so many intrigues of his friend! He already wants to die home, wants to his wife and relax… The picture was written a long time ago, but it seems that this is happening nowadays.

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