Portrait of a young man by Agnolo Bronzino

Portrait of a young man by Agnolo Bronzino

The representative of Mannerism, the court portraitist of the dukes of the Medici, Agnolo Bronzino, apparently depicted in the picture of the Urbino Duke Guididoaldo II or one of the members of the Florentine artistic circle, which included the author. The young man stands with a “steel” posture, putting on his belt a thin hand.

The artist stressed that this is a man proud of his aristocracy. The rigidity and even stiffness of the posture depicted are enhanced by clear architectural designs in the background. The young man holds a book in his hand, symbolizing not only his education.


and his comrades were fond of poetry, composed verses, and a volume of poetry, which the young man laid his finger on, hinted at the exhilarating occupation. Therefore, not everything is so unambiguous in this “arrogant” aristocrat. The only thing we’ll never know is on which poem the book is half open. This mystery revives the strict and majestic painting of the work.

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