Portrait of the artist M. V. Matyushin by Kazimir Malevich

Portrait of the artist M. V. Matyushin by Kazimir Malevich

By 1913, an artistic movement, cubofuturism, appeared among the Russian futurists. Its creators sought to synthesize the ideas of futurism and cubism. The main task of futurism is to convey the sensation of movement.

The portrait of Matyushin Malevich was made from different geometric planes, which at first glance makes him related to the style of cubist works of Picasso and Braque. But there is a significant difference: the founders of cubism wrote mostly in monochrome technology, while Malevich actively uses the rich color gamut.

Another feature of the picture: in the abstract, realistic details are scattered on the canvas. For example, part of the forehead with hair, combed into a straight parting, accurately repeats Matyushin’s hair, according to the testimony of people who knew him. This is perhaps the only detail that indicates that there is a portrait in front of us.

Matyushin was not only an artist, but also a composer, so it is not hard to guess that the line of white rectangles separating the picture diagonally is the piano keyboard.

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