Peasant woman with buckets by Kazimir Malevich

Peasant woman with buckets by Kazimir Malevich

The picture of the peasant cycle, which certainly deserves attention, is the work “Peasant Woman with Buckets”. Here the figure of a peasant woman, engaged in everyday work, is presented to the whole field of the picture. It is simplistic, primitive, intentionally enlarged and deformed for greater expressiveness and significance.

Malevich sought to convey colors very precisely and to keep to strictly maintained flatness. The villagers, their work and life exalted and glorified. Malevich’s peasants, as if made up of curved hard sheets with a metallic sheen of material, with all their schematics originally possessed recognizable forms of real male and female figures, and “Peasant Woman with Buckets” is no exception.

Her powerful figure is placed in profile and impresses with its monumentality. Compared with the “Peasant” in this picture, the figure of a woman is entirely made up of cylinders and cones, but it still resembles a human figure.

This picture was one of those that marked the beginning of the formation of a new artistic structure of the picture: it was designed to influence the viewer no longer with a plot, a theme, but above all an expressive play of pictorial elements. Malevich’s paintings have their own logic and expressiveness, they are built on combinations of shades and contrasts and are distinguished by a complex composition.

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