Spring by Kazimir Malevich

Here comes a time when the artist returns to the traditional volume – spatial painting. Although he continues to work in his special technique of postsuprematism, many late-period paintings are

Plotnik by Kazimir Malevich

The feeling of peace, purification, protection carries this picture. Perhaps it can be called the “icon of the new time.” Everything speaks about it: frontality, flatness, selection of large main

Grinder by Kazimir Malevich

Cubism with its decomposition of forms. Futurism, proclaiming the primacy of the energy of motion in modern life. Combining the principles of two progressive trends in world art, Russian masters

Landscape by Kazimir Malevich

This painting by Kazimir Malevich “Landscape” is somewhat different from the usual for perception of the landscapes of other artists. But the word of the master is the law, so

Reapers by Kazimir Malevich

The founder of Russian abstractionism Kazimir Malevich left a big mark on art. In addition to painting, Malevich studied philosophy, including the philosophy of art. Kazimir Malevich’s painting “Reapers” refers