Movement in space by Mikhail Matyushin

Movement in space by Mikhail Matyushin

Mikhail Matyushin was not only a remarkable artist, but also a deep theorist of the visual arts. Being in constant search for a new embodiment of creative ideas, he conducted endless experiments in painting, seeking to display on the canvas a unique image of nature. According to Matyushin, the human eye should see the image as a whole, not crushing it into its component parts. Only wholeness makes sense. Thus, the artist managed to create a single image of the world, the harmony of which is achieved by the merging of sight and hearing, thought and touch.

The painting “Movement in Space” is one of the main works of the artist, where the principles of the theory he built are clearly reflected.

The canvas will not surprise the viewer with a complex plot and setting of images, plasticity of forms and unusual angles. All this is simply not there. The painting shows diagonal multicolored stripes running from the lower left to the upper right. This “rainbow” is set off by a modest background of the canvas, made in a neutral pale gray color. The tones of the bands are chosen so that, interacting with each other, they fill the picture with spatial sensation and make the planar image three-dimensional. The color stripes, united by a common impulse, are moving towards a definite goal, clear only to them, and it seems that they are about to break out of the canvas.

The multi-color picture does not hurt the eyes. Based on the provisions of the theory and theory of the interaction of 3 colors, the artist managed to create a rather harmonious image. Written on a neutral background, the main color, when perceived by the human eye, creates a second color around itself that is contrasting with itself. Then they create a third additional tone.

Despite the seeming simplicity and uncomplicated work, this picture, along with the suprematist works of K. Malevich, is the color of Russian avant-garde art.

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