The triumph of the sky by Kazimir Malevich

The triumph of the sky by Kazimir Malevich

This work is in a series of paintings on a religious theme, written by K. Malevich around 1906-1908. They are small in size, made with tempera or gouache and have a strong connotation of symbolism and modernity.

The picture tonal avoids contrasts, sounds muffled, hence the feeling of sacredness, intimacy of what is happening. All space is flooded with bright golden color. Here is the dialogue of the righteous with the Lord, who by his grace embraces the whole world. .

The composition is simple, symmetrical, giving a sense of clarity and peace. Thomas is light, as if swaying in spiritual ecstasy. The eyes of the characters are closed, they are immersed in contemplation, directed upwards to the source of eternal bliss.

This is a continuation of the search for the form of a modern religious picture. A similar experience was found in France in the work of the Nabi group. Paul Séruzier, for example, turned to the compositional techniques of medieval painting, and Maurice Denis transferred the characters of the scriptures to his contemporary world.

Religious art, which in Russia had tough image canons, sought to get the features of personal perception. K. Malevich turned out very warm and sparkling works. And the new Soviet world is already very close, and such research will soon be banned.

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