Pond Senzoku no Ike, pine Kesakakamaiu by Utagawa Hiroshige

Pond Senzoku no Ike, pine Kesakakamaiu by Utagawa Hiroshige

Hiroshige depicts a panorama of the famous pond of Senzoku no Ike, on the right bank of which, in the depths of the grove, there was a Shinto shrine of San-dzoku-Hatimangu. Its buildings can be seen in the engraving on the left. But most of all this area was known for a large spreading pine, growing on the shore of the pond. With her was associated a legend dedicated to the founder of one of the schools of Buddhism Nitiranu. According to which, Nichiren stopped to rest under the pine tree, shown in the engraving on the right, and hung on his branch his clothes of a Buddhist monk – kesa.

Hence the name

of the pine, surrounded by a fence – Kesakakamatsu. Next to it in 1832, a memorial stone stela was erected. In Edo, there were two more trees with the same name: in the Asakusa area and in the Mefukudzi monastery in the Edogawa district.

In the foreground of the engraving on the right is a tea house, with red lanterns under the roof. The later version underwent significant color changes. The road passing in the foreground and the islet with the pine become darker. The strip of bokasi was earlier at the edge of the oxen, in the later version it increases and repeats the outlines of the island.

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