Moon pine on the territory of the monastery in Ueno by Utagawa Hiroshige

Moon pine on the territory of the monastery in Ueno by Utagawa Hiroshige

In the engraving is shown a pond Sinobadzunoike near the temple Kaneydzi in Ueno. Hiroshige brings to the fore a pine bizarre shape: its branches bend, forming a circle. For this pine, the name Tsuki-no matsu was fixed. Through it, it was decided to co-crawl the full moon. In the engraving, a view of the Sinobadzunoike pond opens up, a similar name can be explained by the fact that the pine grew on a hill, which in ancient times was called Sinobu-gaka Oka-Hill of Patience.

Behind a branch, as if enclosed in a frame, are visible structures of the Hongdai district, located on the opposite shore of the pond

Sinobadzu no Ike. This area was occupied by the daimyo mansions. In the center of the circle is a mansion of Kagasiki, belonging to the Maeda family, who ruled the province of Kara. In the right part of the engraving you can see the island of Nakajima, created almost in the center of the pond of Sinobadzu no Ike. Here was a sanctuary in which Benzai-ten, one of the seven gods of happiness, was worshiped.

The sanctuary in Ueno was made to visit in the early days of the New Year. In the late edition of the engraving, there were color changes. The dark blue strip, passing through the waters of the Sinobadzu pond, changed in size and shifted to the center of the lake. The more intense glow of sunset turned into a gently pink strip.

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