Hunters on a halt by Vasily Perov

Vasily Perov was an avid hunter, so the topic of hunting in his works is very common. Such canvases with speaking names like “Fisherman”, “Golubyatnik”, “Bird-eaters”, “Hunters in Halt” became

Golubyatnik by Vasily Perov

This work of the artist is filled with a feeling of happiness, youth and freedom. The plot is simple, easy and understandable, it is devoid of all sorts of complexities

Drowned woman by Vasily Perov

In 1867, Perov, Vasily Grigorievich painted the picture “The Drowned Man”. In this work, he wanted to show the indifference and indifference of people to the ongoing disaster. Looking at

Pugachev Court by Vasily Perov

Perov’s painting was apparently written under the influence of historical events. Pugachev is known as the organizer of the uprising. He wanted the peasants not to be dependent on their

Fisherman by Vasily Perov

The artist painted this picture in 1871. It displays not an event, but an action. The work is written in bright colors, which makes it realistic. Depicting the craft of

The organ-grinder by Vasily Perov

Vasily Perov – an outstanding painter, his skill, contribution to the development of Russian art and Russian culture can not be overestimated. He was endowed with a unique talent that

Drawing teacher by Vasily Perov

In 1867, Vasily Grigorievich Perov took part in the Paris World Exhibition, where Pavel A. Tretyakov bought the now famous Troika painting from him. Also this year, several significant works

Guitarist by Boby – Vasily Perov

Just a small picture. Written perfectly, with harsh simplicity, without any superfluous details. A man sits at the wooden table, instead of a tablecloth covered with some kind of pale