Pugachev Court by Vasily Perov

Pugachev Court by Vasily Perov

Perov’s painting was apparently written under the influence of historical events. Pugachev is known as the organizer of the uprising. He wanted the peasants not to be dependent on their masters. According to one version, the picture has the name “Pugachev rebellion.”

This picture shows a very large number of people. The protagonist is Emelyan Pugachev, who administers the trial of landlords. I read that Perov wanted to write 3 pictures on this subject. The first is based on the causes of rebellion, the second is a popular uprising and the third is a trial of landlords. But he wrote only the third picture. The picture suggests very sad, gloomy thoughts. It depicts a random movement of people. In the center of the picture are depicted nobles, landowners who were captured, before them are already executed people.

In the background, the picture shows the usual townspeople, who are not allowed into the center of events by the people of Pugachev. Among them are old men, women who cry. On the porch of a stone building on the throne sits Emelyan Pugachev himself. He owns this rich manor. He is wearing a red caftan, he has boots on his feet. His gaze is full of determination. Near him are people close to him. He sits with a very important look and observes what is happening. In the background of the picture we see the gallows, and in the distance – the fiery glow, clouds of smoke, reaching to the very horizon and enveloping it.

The picture was very tragic, people are doomed to death. For the best reflection of all historical importance that the author wanted to show, he used rich colors. The image of Pugachev and the fire in the background, he showed bright, scarlet hues, and a lot of doomed people – on the contrary, dark. On the faces of people who are present on the square, the emotions and experiences that prevailed at that difficult time for the state are also clearly visible. Work very clearly shows the tragedy of the situation.

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