The Descent from the Cross by Vasily Perov

The Descent from the Cross by Vasily Perov

The famous Russian painter Perov, Vasily Grigorievich is considered the founder of critical realism. And although most of his paintings belong to the everyday genre, the author devoted the last years of his life to scenes of a more different plan. Having survived many disappointments, the Gospel theme is traced in the paintings of V. Perov. One of his paintings of this subject, “The Descent from the Cross,” unfortunately, was never finished.

Perov showed the moment when Christ was only removed from the cross. Its lower part can be seen in the background of the picture. We also see a clear sunset, but it is of some alarming color, as if flashes of flame burst from the depths of the sky. The author portrayed the lifeless body of Christ with white paints with a tinge of greyness, but a certain blush is visible on his face. It is evident that he was without clothes, but the lower part was covered with a sheet, and his head was covered with a scarf. Nearby is a wreath with barbed wire. Judging by the dishes next to him, his body was rubbed from traces of blood.

Around Christ, the author depicted three figures. A very distressed woman. She seems to be leaning toward him, and asks to stand. Kneeling man expressing longing, regret and helplessness. And in the background is another figure. She crouched down and cried.

If we follow the Gospel scripture, then the Virgin Mary could be a woman, Joseph was a man on her knees, but since all the figures were unfinished, we cannot say this. Visible rough strokes, paints only red and red shades. On their background, the pale body of Christ seems to be even brighter.

The picture of V. Perov “The Descent from the Cross” did not receive much recognition, but even looking at this unfinished work, you feel the tragedy of the situation. On the faces of the people one can see all the horror that Christ and his disciples endured.

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