New planet by Konstantin Yuon

New planet by Konstantin Yuon

The “new planet” is an unusual painting written in a manner unusual for KF Yun. This canvas was written in 1921 and is associated with the October Revolution. It was she who turned the habitual world of people and led to the formation of a new state. Under the impression of this event, Yuon decided to draw a picture about the birth of a new planet, associating it with the new world.

The artist used the nuances of red and yellow as the primary colors. These colors just represent the revolution. On the one hand, these are warm colors that attract, and on the other hand the red color is aggressive and frightening. A new planet is born suddenly and illuminates everyone with its bright light. From her, as from the sun go yellow warm rays.

People who observe a unique phenomenon behave differently. Some rejoice at this event and substitute their hands for warmth. Those who could not run try to crawl, see everything with their own eyes and rejoice with the rest. They understand that something amazing is born, and this event will lead to a new happy life. There are people who are not at all happy about this phenomenon, but, on the contrary, they are frightened by it. They fell to the ground and covered their heads with their hands, trying to escape from something terrible, foreshadowing the end of the world. For them, the appearance of a new planet is a punishment for their deeds, they are afraid of merciless punishment.

One can say for sure: the appearance of the planet did not leave anyone indifferent. Each person has his own attitude to this event, as well as to the October Revolution. By such an unusual comparison, the artist gave his main idea concerning the revolution. It was she who changed the lives of people and thanks to her a new state appeared. Bright colors embody a new life and changes. The October Revolution left an indelible mark on people’s lives.

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