The last cornflowers by Vladimir Gavrilov

The last cornflowers by Vladimir Gavrilov

It is difficult to imagine beauty without concepts such as flowers and colors. It is the combination of colors that enriches every person, gives him the opportunity to rejoice at every unusual sunset, or picking up an outfit for a holiday. But I want to note that the role of flowers is as deep. After all, a rose alone can be said about feelings, or an armful of May lilies of the valley to give a good mood to a native person. That’s exactly what I saw in the picture of VN Gavrilov. It seems that the painter has bestowed upon everyone who touches his art, an avalanche of feelings and emotions.

Comfort for the whole room, part of which VN Gavrilov gives to see, is given to tender cornflowers. They are as if they are smiling at people, and the spikelets between which they grew up recently, and birds, which are famously scurrying around the field. The one who brought this huge bouquet home, did not find a suitable vase containing all the flowers, so he put them directly in the pan.

Red flowers lie on the pages of an open book and smile with their bright glow. A window is visible in the wide open window. On a yellow, warm background, white ripe ears are seen. They seem to warn that the harvest is about to be collected. This is the threshold of joyful time, when people work hard, but laughter and song help everyone feel happy.

Of course, such a sweetheart picture is simple and straightforward. However, it seemed to me that the main thing in it is not what is written, but for what purpose. It is not difficult to guess that the artist shares his elated mood, because he just walked through the warmth and childhood of the field, gathered flowers smiling at him, heard the songs and the sounds of the wings of swiftly flying birds. All this he seems to splash his talent on the canvas, so that we can also catch signs of happiness. After such a bold experiment, the master did not leave me a chance to become sad. Only positive emotions overwhelm me.

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