Friends by Evgeny Shirokov

Friends by Evgeny Shirokov

Having a true friend is a great benefit for each of us. Unfortunately, recently I began to notice that not all people know how to be friends, appreciate and cherish trusting relationships. It is at such a moment that you start to think that there is no more faithful being in the whole world than a dog. He never betrays and does not fail, he always comes to the rescue at the right time. It is about such an indissoluble friendship that the picture of E. Shirokov.

It shows a boy who sits on the couch, and near his feet lies a dog. Apparently, she was sick. Her eyes are full of sadness, sadness and sadness. I feel very sorry for her. The boy put his hand on his pet and strokes him, regrets, tries to relieve his suffering, to make his friend a little easier. He, too, sits very sad and worries about his friend. This is very hard when your pet is sick, because you can not immediately understand that with him and find a way out, help him.

A boy and a dog are depicted on a sofa, on a spread out soft blanket. I think the artist specially painted it that way, trying to show the audience how expensive a dog is for a boy. It is evident that the dog is thoroughbred, very well-groomed. He has a very beautiful black coat, which even glistens. The author painted his paws with white. It is very adorns it. The left ear of the dog is raised, he listens very attentively to the words that his master says. The boy has a very beautiful dog. He himself is wearing a blue T-shirt, gray pants, socks and home sandals.

The artist painted a wall in the picture with dark, ordinary-looking colors to show the whole sadness of the situation. All around you feel that the relationship between them is very good, kind. For sure, the dog often came to the aid of the boy, listened to his troubles. Now it’s time to reciprocate and he himself needs the help that the boy seeks to provide.

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