Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough

Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough

“Blue Boy” Gainsborough sound familiar to anyone who sees the big picture. In the mass consciousness has become a portrait of the typical image of a young aristocrat with contempt looks at the world of the plebeians. In fact, a portrait painted from Battola Jonathan, the son of ironmonger and a close friend of the artist.

It was a completely normal boy, who sometimes posed for the artist when he was working on the transmission of light playing on a blue silk with silver tinsel and feathers. However, this image was unforgettable because Gainsborough just could not apply to the boy as a hanger, and reflected on the canvas warmth

and affection to his model. He placed it in an imaginary romantic landscape, perhaps wanting to show how far away the young landlord ownership, but the longer the artist peers into a strict, resolute young face, the more he is interested in the personality of Jonathan Battola

“Blue Boy” is written with great love. Of course, the splendor of the costume with a sparkling blue silk and shiny silver charms, but we are more attracted to the boy’s face: rosy cheeks on the background of lace collar, broad forehead, hard look calm and gentle sensual mouth. Boy standing face to face not with their vassals, and with life itself.

He is maintaining dignity, pays no attention to the trappings with which it has decorated the artist, and looking directly and inquisitively at the opportunities that are open to young people who do not have behind him nothing but love family. Wild, harsh landscape and sternly frowning sky more suited to the picture of the future life of Jonathan Battola.

At Gainsborough he had two daughters, Margaret and Mary, whom he called Molly and captain. He soon realized that both were unbalanced natures, whose life with age becomes difficult and miserable. The way they catch a butterfly holding hands, causing deep compassion: it is obvious that such a pursuit can not succeed, but a genuine interest in them at the same time show! For us, the sadness picture is multiplied, because we know that with age among girls there enmity and father will grieve that their hands had not connect so touching as the canvas.

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