Boys by Fedor Reshetnikov

Boys by Fedor Reshetnikov

A lot of paintings by this artist, which he dedicated to the children’s theme. For example, such masterpieces can be attributed to them such as, “Took the tongue”, “I came for the holidays”, “Boys”. I would like to stop in more detail and consider the picture “Boys”. She was painted in 1971.

In the picture we see three boys, at night they climbed onto the roof, probably secretly from their parents. They are staring at the sky. One can imagine that they are vying with each other to show each other constellations and tell the secrets of the starry sky. Or

maybe they are arguing about a stellar galaxy or other planets. Their faces express delight, with such passion they look out for something there.

It seems that the guys do not notice anything that is happening around. I like this picture, it comes to life in my eyes. I want to be there, on the roof, next to the guys, and just like they discuss the night sky. And you can discuss not only the galaxy and the planets, but also share your secrets and secret secrets. And we do not care how the artist portrays the city, for us it merges with the starry sky, and to the fore, displacing the boys.

The artist managed to show the mystery of the starry night, especially in combination with children. One involuntarily remembers oneself in summer, how one loved to admire sunset or sunrise with friends, and also make a wish when a star falls. Few people believe in this sign, but once a wish come true by me. I believe in the wonders of starry night. Thanks to the author for his work, it made me plunge into the world of childhood, to feel his carelessness. It seems to me that it is precisely such pictures that make us repeatedly experience moments that connect us with childhood, give us the strength not to give up and move on.

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