The outskirts. Summer evening by Isaac Levitan

The outskirts. Summer evening by Isaac Levitan

Pictures of Levitan always differed simplicity of ideas and motives. With his pictures, he makes us see something new in simple things. The picture “Summer evening” is a confirmation. The work was created in 1900.

In my opinion, his paintings are always full of life, despite the fact that they are simple in their plot. Apparently from the fact that Levitan was in love with his homeland, drawing landscapes, he put all his love in them, and at the same time life. In his landscapes, the artist expresses his feelings and thoughts, inhaling especially the mood. Representing the world, poetic work.

In his landscapes you can invisibly feel the presence of a person. The theme of the road is one of the artist’s favorite topics. In my opinion, the road in his paintings leads us to think out our plot. She always uniquely dodges into the distance, the impression of infinity.

The artist with extraordinary accuracy transmits the change of day and quiet evening. This is particularly well seen in the color transition in the meadow. Rays of sunset reflected bright flashes. In his paintings, Levitan dreamed of the beautiful, was constantly in a state of sadness, his paintings were filled with peace and sadness. I really like the works of this artist.

Even despite the fact that in the foreground of the picture we see the road depicted by dark shades, the middle plan and top of the picture are depicted in bright colors. The sunset is particularly beautiful. Depicted the gates, as if opening before us another world. We imagine that, having passed through this gate, we find ourselves in another dimension. The boys play football in the summer, using the goal net. It seemed to me that in his picture the artist, that didn’t say anything, didn’t finish it and invites us to create a plot ourselves. This allows you to develop a fantasy.

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